Saturday, September 3, 2011

TV Shows

Here are some of my favorite TV series which, I think are very good.  I would recommend them to anyone (if the right age).  My friends, family, and me watch these.  Here are some quick overviews of them!

Pretty Little Liars
This is my favorite show right now, it is about 4 girls and their best friend Ali goes missing.  They find her body, and ever since they have been getting creepy messages.  The messages are things about only things that their best friend Ali knows, and the creepy part is they are all sign -A.  The show has a lot of trying to find the killer and who -A is.  This is a very scary show, but very good.  

The Lying Game
This is a show about two girls who live with foster parents, and then one is doing research on her true family, and she figures out she has a twin.  The video chat, and then one gets in trouble, so she runs away.  When she meets her twin at the bus stop, she says I am going to find our real mother, and I need you to take my place.  Then she is gone longer than she is supposed to be, they have no clue what happened to her.  This show is a lot like Pretty Little Liars, suspenseful, and very scary but good.  

Americas Got Talent
This is a great family show, it is great for all ages.  It is kind of like American Idol, but you can do anything there is singers, dancers, comedians, magician, and even things you have never seen before.  If you have never watched this I would not start this season, because the finale is this week.  I would wait until next season.  You could watch it but you wouldn't be attached to any of the acts, or wouldn't really understand.  If you watch from the beginning, then you will get to watch auditions, which is my favorite part because there is really good acts, but there is also really bad ones.  The judges are Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, and Piers Morgan.  I would recommend this show to any family.

This is another family show, my family and I have watched this show since I was little.  I really like it is where 18 people go out to an island on to teams, for 40 days, and who ever is the last one standing wins.  They get voted out, and then they are out of the game, unless you last until the merge which is when both teams combine.  Then they become the jury, and they vote who wins the game.  There is challenges, and lots of drama.  The winner of the whole game gets 1 million dollars.  This is one of my favorite shows of all time!  The new season is on September 14th!  

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