Thursday, September 15, 2011

International Dot Day!

Today is International Dot Day- Leave your mark on the World.  Today is a fun day about leaving your mark on the world.  This day is inspired by the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  I think that this is fun!  Today anyone 6-12 can make a dot in the art room!! I am very excited to be a part of this!
Here is one of the the posters we are going to put up! Most of our posters are very colorful and bright!

This dot is outside of the library, and it says Make your mark on the World.  This is like my favorite dot, it is a neon orange, and splatter painted.  (Sorry it is kind of blurry)

Here are 3 of of our big posters which are going around the school, they are very colorful and fun like the candy dits you see below.

Here is the Dots that Mrs. Miller had in her office, she had tons of box's from them.  

Here is Ellie and I's projet (Ellie's birthday was yesterday so shout out to her, she is now a teenager!)  Our project is made of used tape rolls, with paper that is painted over top and DOT written down it.

This has been a very fun Dot Day!  We have seen a lot of dots, and it has been a blast!  What a fun Dot Day!  We are excited for next year and hopefully the celebrations are bigger! :)

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