Friday, September 2, 2011

The Gingerbread Man Lost in the School

Today I helped Mrs. Miller with the second grade students.  We had a QR Code hunt, where we went all around to different QR Codes and when we scanned the QR Codes pictures of different teachers popped up! Here are some pictures!
         Here is Mrs. Miller explaining how to use the Ipod Touchs, and the kids are very excited about                   using them.  We were showing them how to use them!

Here is the book we based it off of.  This gingerbread man goes around the school! Very cute book!

 Here is what the QR codes looked like, the kids had fun scanning them and using the Ipod Touchs.  The helpers had a lot of fun helping, the kids were fun to work with once you got them settled down.  

Here is Mrs. Miller, the kids, the Ipod Touchs and the book.  Everyone had such a good time!  

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